Brandable domains set the tone

they don't spell things out
they hint at what a business does
the domain conveys style

Brandable domains have value

over time,
they become more than a name
they become a tangible asset.

Brandable domains are the future

think big
be forward looking
be optimistic

Brandable domains are smart

they're for Leaders, not followers...
so they're not the easy option but
brandable domains are great for business.


These are the possible characters you can use in a pattern. Every character you use represents one character of the specific group of characters, so if you use a V for example it can represent an A, E, I, O or U.

  • V = Vowel (AEIOU)
  • L = Letter (Any Letter)
  • N = Number (0123456789)
  • P = ChiP - Chinese Premium (All Letters except V and Vowels A, E, I, O, U)
  • W = Western Premium (All Letters except J, K, Q, U, V, W, X, Y and Z)
  • - = Hyphen
  • * = Anything (Letter or Number or Hyphen)
  • A, B, H, K = Letter Repetition
  • D, E, F, G = Number Repetition


  • CVCV ->,,
  • CVCVC ->,,
  • CVVCCV ->,,
  • CVCVNN ->,,
  • NNN ->,,
  • L*-N* ->,,

This article first appeared in Edition 8 of AusRegistry’s industry magazine, Behind the Dot: State of the .au DomainRead the full article as well as much more on .au and domain names in the magazine.

Choosing the perfect name for your company is a challenge every startup experiences. You must check existing company name registrations, trademarks, brands and product names – both within Australia and internationally if you have global ambitions. If you make it through this quagmire you then need to get the domain name too. How critical to success is the perfect domain name?

I met with Shaun McGowan, serial entrepreneur to talk about the importance of his investment for a perfect domain name for his new venture. Mr McGowan is an Internet Hotel Builder, Co-Founder of (acquired in 2014 and part of publicly listed company Eclipx (ASX:ECX)), and now Co-Founder of

GP: Shaun, why

SMG: We offer small business loans to Australian businesses. Our experience with the domain name meant we knew we had to get the most relevant domain name we could. Unfortunately the main keyword domain name was being used by a competitor, so I had to find an alternative. We believe “lend” is a perfect match. The word “lend” represents loaning money. It took us about six weeks to acquire the domain name from start to finish.

GP: Recently the Nine Network revealed its new website at to replace the existing www. It’s another example of a short, simple domain name being held in great value by an organisation. Why is the right generic domain name so important to your business?

SMG: Simple, it’s about consumer perception. When you own a generic domain name it does two really amazing things for you instantly;

  1. Increases recall so people actually remember the address
  2. Increases Click Authority, leading people to trust you

If I sell ice cream, I want the best shop, in a sunny tourist location, close to the beach which will give me a huge amount of foot traffic.

Domain Name

Domain Name diets
Length 5
no Numbers Yes
no Characters No
no Hyphens Yes
no consecutive Hyphens Yes
Number of Vowels 2
Number of Hyphens 0

Marketplace / Domain List


Majestic External Backlinks 26
Alexa Traffic Rank 0
Domain in Dmoz -
Quantcast Rank Top Million 0 Birth Year 2010 Number of Crawl Results 14
Whois Creation Year -


SEOkicks: Domain Pop 3
SEOkicks: Link Pop 8
SEOkicks: Class-C Pop 3
SEOkicks: IP Pop 3


Global: Monthly Searches 246.0 K
Global: Adwords Competition 27
Global: Approximate Adwords CPC 1.66 USD
Germany: Monthly Searches 3.6 K
Germany: Adwords Competition 20
Germany: Approximate Adwords CPC 0.43 EUR
USA: Monthly Searches 60.5 K
USA: Adwords Competition 23
USA: Approximate Adwords CPC 3.75 USD
UK: Monthly Searches 27.1 K
UK: Adwords Competition 54
UK: Approximate Adwords CPC 1.58 GBP
Adwords Category:
- Health
- Health / Health Conditions & Concerns
- Health / Nutrition & Dieting

Three reasons why's are in demand:

1. Rarity (supply/demand)

There are only 17,576 (26*26*26) of these domains on the market. If PriceWaterCooper owns and Apple owns, there are thousands of other companies that have a budget to purchase the acronym of their brand/product.

2. Liquidity

The ability to quickly cash in on an asset considerably increase its value. There are only a few domains that have this attribute, namely numerics,, and

3. End User Value

Differently from numeric domains, can be used as acronyms and easily allocated to specific end users.

CVCVC is a 5 letter domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel-Consonant letter pattern. CVCVCs are essentially CVCVs with an additional consonant at the end.

Examples include:,, &