Brandable domains set the tone

they don't spell things out
they hint at what a business does
the domain conveys style

Brandable domains have value

over time,
they become more than a name
they become a tangible asset.

Brandable domains are the future

think big
be forward looking
be optimistic

Brandable domains are smart

they're for Leaders, not followers...
so they're not the easy option but
brandable domains are great for business.

Domain Name

Domain Name diets
Length 5
no Numbers Yes
no Characters No
no Hyphens Yes
no consecutive Hyphens Yes
Number of Vowels 2
Number of Hyphens 0

Marketplace / Domain List


Majestic External Backlinks 26
Alexa Traffic Rank 0
Domain in Dmoz -
Quantcast Rank Top Million 0 Birth Year 2010 Number of Crawl Results 14
Whois Creation Year -


SEOkicks: Domain Pop 3
SEOkicks: Link Pop 8
SEOkicks: Class-C Pop 3
SEOkicks: IP Pop 3


Global: Monthly Searches 246.0 K
Global: Adwords Competition 27
Global: Approximate Adwords CPC 1.66 USD
Germany: Monthly Searches 3.6 K
Germany: Adwords Competition 20
Germany: Approximate Adwords CPC 0.43 EUR
USA: Monthly Searches 60.5 K
USA: Adwords Competition 23
USA: Approximate Adwords CPC 3.75 USD
UK: Monthly Searches 27.1 K
UK: Adwords Competition 54
UK: Approximate Adwords CPC 1.58 GBP
Adwords Category:
- Health
- Health / Health Conditions & Concerns
- Health / Nutrition & Dieting